History Exam
The exam date is February 4, 2016. The exam will commence at 9:00 and end at 12:00. Minimum attendance is 90 minutes, so the earliest you may leave is 10:30.

You will be broken up by class groups with room designations to be posted on exam day.
You are responsible for bringing reliable writing utensils. Pencils will be allowed in all sections of the exam.
No outside materials (books, binders, etc.) will be permitted IN THE ROOM AT ANY TIME during the examination period. Any sort of cheating will result in an automatic mark of ZERO. ZIP. THE GOLDEN BAGEL.

There will be no "re-writes".

Exam: the exam is lengthy – almost 20 pages. However, the longer the exam, the easier it is for you, since it allows you more choices for the short and long answer sections. The total for the exam is 100 marks and it is worth 30% of your overall average.

EXAM FORMAT: Fill in the blanks: 30 marks (no word bank)
Matching: 16 marks
Short Answer: 24 marks (answer 8 from the selection of choices)
Long Answer: 30 marks (answer 3 from the selection of choices)

Study Questions:
It is strongly advised to find the answers to the following questions/topics and organize your materials in such a manner that studying for the exam is easy and orderly. In order to help you, many of the exam topics are listed here. Please remember, any readings, notes, videos, discussions, tests, etc. are eligible for exam topics and might not all be found in this review!
While actual class time will not be provided to answer/search for these topics (which have all been covered already), I will allow time in class to answer questions related to such matters as clarification, expansion, etc. of the topics.
Good Luck!

STUDY QUESTIONS for 2015-2016 (Note: matching/blanks, etc. will be "general knowledge type information and will not be found in this review. You are still responsible for all material covered in the course!!)