Grade 11 Canadian History 2013-2014

"History teaches us that men and nations behave wisely once they have exhausted all other alternatives" Abba Eban

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Class Outlines:

The quest for truth is the noblest occupation of man, but there are dragons lurking in the dark forests of ignorance. The names of these dragons are: Incompetence, Political Bias, Deliberate Distortion and Sheer, Wrongheaded Stupidity". When reading historical texts, be sure to filter the information carefully, lest the dragons get you!



Course Learning Ojectives/Organization:
The following five clusters show the lay-out of the Learning Experiences in Canadian History. There will also be: notes, videos, handouts, supplementary readings, assignments, discussions. etc. that you will need to keep up with. Additional clusters will appear as time goes on, completed clusters will be "removed" to a separate link. Nothing essential will be deleted from this wiki page until the end of June.

First Peoples and Nouvelle-France (to 1763)

Cluster One: First Peoples and Nouvelle-France (to 1763)
Time Allotment - approx 17 classes
Textbook: Shaping Canada (pages 3-103)
Learning Objective 1.0 (pages 3-13)
The Purpose of Teaching and Learning History
Learning Objective 1.1 (pages 18-47)
Who were the First Peoples and how did they structure their world?
  • Diversity and Origins of First Peoples (p.20-30)
  • World Views and Societies of First Peoples (p.30-47)
Learning Objective 1.2 (pages 48-75)
Why did the French and other Europeans come to North America, and how did they interact with the First Peoples?
  • European Exploration and Colonization (p.50-54)
  • Nouvelle-France (p.55-69)
  • Relations with First Peoples (70-75)
Learning Objective 1.3 (pages 76-103)
How did the First Peoples and Europeans interact in the Northwest, and what were the results?
  • Hudson's Bay Company (p. 78-82)
  • The Western Fur Trade (p.83-103)

British North America (1763-1867)

Cluster Two: British North America (1763-1867)
Time allotment: approx 13 classes
Textbook: Shaping Canada (pages 104-193)
Learning Objective 2.1 (pages 104-141)
How did British colonial rule change during this period, and what was its impact on life in North America?
  • Governing the Peoples of British North America (p.110-116)
  • The United States of America (p.116-130)
  • Towards Responsible Government (p.130-141)
Learning Objective 2.2 (pages 142-169)
How did the fur trade, European settlement, and the rise of the Metis nation transform life for the peoples of the Northwest?
  • Fur Trade and Settlement Rivalries (p.142-147)
  • The Metis Nation (p.148-157)
  • Towards the Pacific Coast (p.158-169)
Learning Objective 2.3 (pages 170-193)
Why and how was the Dominion of Canada established as a confederation of British colonies in 1867?
  • Challenges Facing British North America (p. 172-179)
  • Seeking Political Solutions (p.180-184)
  • Making Confederation a Reality (p.185-193)

Becoming a Sovereign Nation (1867-1931)

Exam 2013-2014:
The history exam will take place on June ___ and will run from 9:00 until 12:00 in rooms 1 and 3. More details will be found on the history exam page as time progresses.