The following links/policies may be updated at any time. They are found in their original source in the MCI student handbook, the Pine Creek School Division Policy section of the PCSD website or on the MECY website. Any questions regarding these (or any other policies) relating to the school and its activities should be directed to Mrs. Nichol.

Some school policies to note:


Classroom expectations:

Classroom philosophy:

School Division Policies:
Open Campus

Some Department policies to note:
Academic Responsibility Honesty and Promotion/Retention
Policies and Procedures for Standards Tests
Manitoba Graduation Requirements

Driver's Ed:
Schools in Manitoba will no longer be able to directly register students for Driver's Ed. If you wish to attend this program, you will need to either:
1. Visit MPI's website, or
2. Visit an MPI office.
click on the car for driver's ed info.
"click" on this car to open the Driver's Ed. registration form