Study hall is enough time to cover some of your assignments OR enough time to catch up on ONE or TWO classes of notes. Making good use of this time will reduce your "at home" part of your homework. Homework is an essential part of all of your courses. If you wonder why you NEED homework: Importance of Homework
How do I do this stuff?

Why do we have study hall?
  • homework not getting done
  • incomplete assignments
  • absences (sports, extra curricular activities, etc.)
  • support system built in (teacher help)

My study hall is in my classroom - a form is needed to work in the computer lab

Homework will not get done on its own!

Rules for study hall are much the same as those for regular classes - so is the attendance! Regardless of where your study hall is, the teacher supervising you should not have to remind you that you have work to do (many of you claim to be finished everything so you can read or draw - this isn't helping your course averages and eliminates the entire point of having a study hall). Please use this time in an efficient manner.