Remember the SQ3R textbook reading method? Here's how to use it to study:
SQ3R Study Guide

Computer study guides and videos aren't a substitute for studying, they are a supplement to the readings:

Different ways of writing out summaries or notes:

Graphic Organizers

Preparing for tests and exams:
  • Review your work systematically. Study hard at the start of the course, not the end, and avoid "exam panic".
  • Use Mind Maps throughout your course, and build a Master Mind Map for each subject - a giant Mind Map that summarizes everything you know about the subject.
  • Use memory techniques such as mnemonics (verses or systems for remembering such things as dates and events),.
  • Get together with one or two friends to study, compare Mind Maps, and discuss topics.
  • Have fun! It has been shown that students who make their studies enjoyable understand and remember things better and get better grades.
Making Mind Maps

Here's a great link for: Study Skills, Note Taking and Time Management

Another good link for: Studying, note taking, etc.

If you are studying together, make sure SOMEONE knows what they are talking about!

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